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TIPi Academy 2023

Authored by Shannon Lynch
by Shannon Lynch

This August, TIPi Group held its annual digital marketing program, TIPi Academy, to a class of 14 incredible Academists, each with varying backgrounds and levels of experience, but with one shared interest, to learn about digital marketing.

TIPi Academy’s principal goal is to introduce the students to a plethora of digital disciplines including PPC, SEO, Programmatic, Mobile, Display, Content Marketing, Paid Social, YouTube Marketing, Insights, and Data & Analytics. The list goes on…

Our free two-week TIPi Academy took place in our London offices, providing Academists with a real insight into agency life, allowing them to network with our teams, ask as many questions as possible, and guide them on their way to deciding where they stand in the digital ecosystem.

Without further ado, a massive congratulations to the TIPi Academy class of 2023!

Why do we run the Academy?

We run the Academy every year as our way of evening out the playing field in what can be a difficult industry to get into. TIPi Academy is a springboard into a career, helping individuals to find their slot in the industry, gaining first-hand experience of agency life, and genuine experience they can put onto their CVs.
Our relatively small class sizes ensure an environment conducive for individuals to get as much as possible out of the program.

“The personalized attention I received during the hands-on workshops greatly enhanced my practical skills and confidence in applying various digital marketing techniques.”

What did this years’ program entail?

Academists had a jam-packed schedule over the course of the two weeks, cramming a plethora of digital disciplines into just eight days – and we wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to experience every discipline we offer here at TIPi Group.

“Every aspect of digital marketing is explored in such great detail, truly teaching us a wide range of skills and giving us new knowledge.”

The sessions we offered this year included:

  • Marketing an Agency
  • PPC
  • New Business and How to Tackle a Brief
  • Local SEO
  • UX Design and Web Development
  • Client Servicing
  • Content SEO
  • Search Experience: SERP
  • Technical SEO
  • Excel Training
  • Offpage SEO
  • Insights
  • Programmatic, Mobile & Display
  • Presentation Training
  • Paid Social
  • Voice Search
  • Chat GPT
  • Planning & Offline
  • YouTube
  • How marketing can utilise AI
  • Measurement & Analytics

“I have to say the instructors were exceptional! Their depth of knowledge and passion for digital marketing were evident in their teaching style. They patiently addressed all the questions and fostered an interactive learning environment.”

To provide a holistic and well-rounded program, alongside deep-dives into each of these various disciplines, Academists were introduced to Google Ads Certifications, exams they can sit to receive Google qualifications, following which they say the Google Ads Search Certification.

Academists were also provided interview training and the opportunity to sit mock interviews and receive one-to-one feedback.


Did they have the chance to put into practice everything they learned, you ask? They did, indeed.

Academists were set a group project to work on over the course of the two weeks, one which enabled them to put their heads together and tackle a brief, and on the final day, present to a panel of senior management here at TIPi Group.

Divided into five groups, the Academists were set the task of being the hypothetical digital agency for the client, Rock Stepper, putting together a strategy to achieve three main objectives for the client:

  • Increase brand awareness amongst target audiences
  • Drive traffic to the website to drive conversions over the 3-month period
  • Convert users who have previously viewed the website / engaged with social content

Rather than a case study, this real-life project allowed the Academists to springboard ideas that could become a reality, adding value to their experience.


This year, we hosted a pizza party for the end of Academy celebration, escaping our desks to mingle with the Academists in a more relaxed setting.

Along with a certificate of completion, a belly full of pizza, and a strong sense of achievement, the Academists left TIPi Academy one step closer to their place in the digital marketing industry.

Once again, congratulations to the TIPi Academy class of 2023, for all your hard work, the effort put into your projects, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Please do stay in touch!

If you would like to register your interest for TIPI Academy 2024, you can sign up to be notified when applications open here.

Authored by Shannon Lynch

Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager