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Spilling the Tea with our MVP: Alex Isitt

Authored by Alex Isitt
by Alex Isitt

Our latest Kitty MVP is our Assistant Design Project Manager, Alex Isitt. Congratulations Alex! So, we decided to wise up on our knowledge of Alex and ask him a few short questions…

Alex 101: Summarise yourself.

By day, I am a UX designer here at Kitty. By night, or rather, outside of work, I love hitting the gym, cycling, and eating my way around London.

Love a Guinness.

Absolutely hate a prawn mayo sarnie.

What is your favourite memory at Kitty?

Without a doubt, my favourite memory at Kitty – our Max Ley on the ski trip. Cannot go into detail for legal reasons. Please enquire within.

What would be your ideal company social?

All expenses trip to Las Vegas. Nothing fancy.

Well you heard him, Rob…

What is the best advice you could give to your younger self?

There is no perfect time. Just get on and do it.

If you could have a dinner party with 4 famous people, who would they be?

Alex got carried away here.

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Donald Glover
  3. Andy Warhol
  4. Stephen Fry
  5. James George

The 5th is essential.

“Add Colin Farrell…oh and add Johnny Wilkinson”

Thank you Alex for everything you do at Kitty, here are just some of the nominations Alex received for MVP:

  • I’d like to nominate Alex Isitt, he has been smashing it across a bunch of projects, taking the lead on a data led approach to UX that is relatively new to how we kick-off design at Kitty.
  • Alex has taken on lots of new projects coming into 2024. He has managed all of this and held his own presenting back to clients time and time again.

Well done Alex!

Authored by Alex Isitt

Alex Isitt