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Spilling the Tea with our MVP

Authored by Shannon Lynch
by Shannon Lynch

Each month, our employees nominate a fellow colleague who they believe has gone above and beyond, demonstrating true TIPi Group spirit. Employees’ votes are benchmarked against one or more of our company values – collaboration, restless minds, integrity, and purpose. It’s all to play for each month for the desired title.  

To celebrate their achievement, we sit down with each MVP and ask them to ‘Spill the Tea’ to really delve deep into what makes them tick, what they love about their job, and the aspects of our company culture that they just can’t get enough of. 

Without further ado, lets turn the spotlight onto Marthe Meijer, Project Manager and this month’s MVP:

What makes working for TIPi Group special?

The culture at Tipi is very entrepreneurial. There is an agility that comes from openness to new ideas – which are always welcomed – and the office is abuzz with people who are inspired and driven by the work they do. In addition to this there is a strong team spirit within Kitty, we face challenges as a team. I think it’s what is helping us to grow!

Describe your perfect weekend

A long weekend that includes a day trip somewhere in England, or a quick trip home to the Netherlands. And on a regular weekend… Food, friends, exercise, spending time with my partner, and lots of visits to Gail’s. There is always a pastry involved somewhere.

Who is your role model and why?

I wouldn’t say I have one specific role model – though I’ve been lucky to lean on several female mentors in corporate and/or tech roles as I’ve progressed through my career so far, whom I look up to and have come to rely on for advice.

What are your top favourite songs of all time, and if you had to choose, what would be your desert island disc?

A bold choice perhaps – I’d leave the disc behind and be the one doing the singing, I find it very therapeutic.

Unfortunately here in London we are in such close proximity to each other, there isn’t much quiet or privacy for it!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’ve been lucky to live in a few places already! I’m an ‘Utrechtenaar’ by birth, spent part of my childhood close to Edinburgh and was at ‘外国人’ in Shanghai for almost six years. Language and career-wise, London is a very comfortable place to be. It’s also great to be closer to my family, who live in the Netherlands. If I can make it happen I’d love to make a few more big moves – most likely if I would do it for work. Kitty Shanghai anyone?

Thank you for everything you do Marthe, your sunny disposition and your incredible work ethic set you apart!

Authored by Shannon Lynch

Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager