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SEO Considerations When Building a New Website

Authored by Christie Tucker
by Christie Tucker

A strong website is the foundation of your online presence as a brand. Whether you’re acquiring new customers through search or directing them over via ads, you need a solid website for them to fall upon. Involving an experienced SEO team from the start will help you to avoid a plethora of content and technical issues.

What are people actually searching for?

So you’re building a shiny new website for your new brand, and you think you know exactly what type of content users are searching for. Unfortunately, unless you’ve done the research you probably don’t!

SEO is data-led, which means we use comprehensive keyword research to inform all content recommendations. From this keyword research, we are able to identify keyword clusters and therefore which pages you need on your site. SEOs can also do competitor research to identify gaps in competitor content that may be an opportunity for your brand to go after.

We can tell you what content you need to add to your list of new pages, but also which ones to remove in order to avoid duplication. If you are a new brand about to launch, you want to get as much of a head start as possible!

Site Structure

One of the most important and underutilised factors of SEO is site structure. The stronger your site’s structure, the better Google will understand it and your offering. Your site structure (or as we often call it – Information Architecture) shows crawlers how all of your content is linked together. With the aforementioned keyword research, you can properly organise your site.

Why is this so crucial? Because if your site structure is thorough and logical, it will allow crawlers to find important pages by following a structural hierarchy. Google is also more likely to consider your website an expert in its topic.

What capabilities does your new website need to have?

Your SEO team can provide you with a list of requirements needed in order for your site to not only function properly but actually perform well from a technical standpoint. Whether it’s ensuring that all your content is hardcoded (and therefore discoverable for Search Engines) or mobile-friendly, there are a lot of very important factors to consider with a new website!

As well as providing you with general (but very important) technical SEO best practices, SEOs can also conduct pre and post-launch testing to avoid any tech emergencies. This brings me to my next point…

Reporting – we keep it real

Suppose something somewhere has gone wrong, your site hasn’t been indexed by Google or you just aren’t seeing the traffic you were expecting. Through our reporting, we can quickly identify where the issue stems from and offer you a solution. By crawling your site with the tools we use every day, we can catch these issues. Better yet, by crawling your staging site before go-live, we can prevent these issues from ever happening.

We can be project managers too (sort of)!

Getting your SEOs involved early is vital for many reasons. But did you know we also know how to speak to developers and content teams? In fact, SEOs tend to work quite closely with both. We are experts at compromise and know how to make sure both your tech and content teams get what they want without the risk of harming your site. 

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will get your SEO team involved as early as possible before launching your new site. This will certainly save you a lot of time, and prevent duplication of effort later down the line!

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Authored by Christie Tucker

Christie Tucker