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Six-week site design and build helps ‘XP21’ launch to meet consumer demand

XP21 is an innovative new B2C online store for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies. XP21 is owned by parent-company Excalibur Healthcare Services, global providers of Medical Technology and Products.

Web Build

Web Design

After deciding to launch a new D2C shopfront, ‘XP21’, Excalibur appointed Kitty to design a solution to sell their products to this new market.

With consumers in desperate need of high-quality PPE equipment, Kitty’s challenge was to design and build an online eCommerce store for XP21 at speed, to ensure Excalibur could provide vital high quality protective equipment through XP21 to the exponentially expanding PPE market.

Excalibur needed a high-end commerce solution for XP21, with user experience at the core of the design of the site. 

The Solution

Working hand in hand with the client, Kitty built a Search Engine Optimised (SEO), fully-featured eCommerce store in line with XP21’s marketing goals in under six weeks.

XP21 chose a BigCommerce solution, as we were able to harness a number of their features to facilitate the high-end solution that XP21 required for their new site.

Kitty’s solution was to customize an existing BigCommerce template – Cornerstone – with XP21’s branding to provide users with a sleek and clinical design that would facilitate their user experience. Through payment gateways (Stripe and Paypal), XP21 would be able to take payments through a broad range of payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, removing barriers to customer conversion. By integrating Future Pro Logistics into the Web Shop, we were able to automate the shipping process meaning that XP21 could deliver quickly and efficiently to customers. 

The Results

  • 6 weeks from project kick-off to launch
  • 200, 000 visits in nine months since launch 


“With demand for high quality and certified PPE increasing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Excalibur wanted to create an online webstore, quickly, to ensure that the public had access to the necessary equipment to stay safe. Kitty were the perfect partner to help us with this mission. We were very impressed by the pace at which Kitty were able to deliver our new site, and that the time crucial element of the project did not compromise the quality. The Team were very efficient and communicative every step of the way. Thank you Kitty!”

Amy Evans – Excalibur Healthcare Services