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Mediworld: eCommerce store

Earlier this year, Mediworld, an approved supplier of medical and scientific equipment to the United Nations and NHS as well as private corporations such as HCA Healthcare, General Dynamics, Bank of America and the general public, traditionally focused on the B2B space, found itself faced with a huge increase in demand for direct to consumer PPE due to COVID-19. We built Mediworld a new web-shop using BigCommerce’s eCommerce platform in under three weeks, enabling them to capture increased demand and increasing their initial weekly revenue four-fold.




Web design & Build

Mediworld, traditionally focused on the B2B space, found itself faced with a huge increase in demand for direct to consumer PPE due to COVID-19. The client had a dated website, built using the now discontinued Magento 1 platform which was starting to struggle with the increased demand, lacked security and was not truly fit for purpose.

In urgent need of building a new webshop platform to meet increasing demands for DTC PPE equipment, and facing the impending discontinuation of Magneto 1, Mediworld came to Kitty, seeking  a new eCommerce store which could be deployed quickly to facilitate their transition to a more digitally-focused business model.

Mediworld needed a solution that could handle the increased user and sales volume, offering a secure payment gateway solution and advanced functionality in line with current web usage trends.

Working with Mediworld, Kitty’s solution was to build a new store using BigCommerce’s open SaaS, a fully responsive, fully featured eCommerce platform aligning with web usage trends and consumer expectations.

The Kitty team were able to harness their partnership with BigCommerce to secure priority access to BigCommerce solution architects on behalf of Mediworld, and as a result, delivered and launched the fully functioning site, complete with over 1,500 products, in less than three weeks. This swift action enabled Mediworld to take advantage of the huge increase in online demand whilst eliminating any revenue losses from the transition period from Magento 1.

The results included:

  • 4x increase in weekly revenue – Early indications since launching Mediworld’s new eCommerce store are that weekly revenue has increased fourfold.
  • 1,500 products migrated to new BigCommerce site
  • 3 Weeks from project kick-off to site launch