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Maiiro: Pack of Lies

New sustainable skincare company, Maiiro, came to Kitty and ROAST with the challenge of building a global launch campaign for their brand. But how could we create cut-through in an industry as tough as skincare? Launching the ‘Pack of Lies’ campaign, we were able to target the issue of the ‘ethical consumer’, designing and building an engaging microsite to successfully position Maiiro in a way that would make them more than just a brand.


Web Build

Web Design

Working alongside ROAST’s Content Marketing team, we knew that we needed to launch a campaign that went further than just brand or product awareness; a campaign that triggered an interest and a response in people. Only that would place the company on the map. So, we launched Pack of Lies, a campaign to raise awareness of the problem of greenwashing within the industry, positioning Maiiro as leaders of the charge in the fight against plastic packaging.

We designed and built a microsite to house the campaign, containing information about the issue, Maiiro’s brand ethos and other useful information about how we – the consumers – can help to tackle the problem. Designing the site, we had to ensure that the message was articulated through the creative – powerful and eye-catching – but that the site also had a high spec UX and was easy to navigate, essential for user experience.

Launching the Pack of Lies microsite rapidly created an online buzz around Maiiro and its stance on the plastic problem, driving traffic to Maiiro’s eCommerce site and securing 25 pieces of online editorial coverage. With an online readership of over 27.9 million through the coverage, we were able to create substantial conversation about the brand launch, establishing Maiiro as a disruptor within the industry.

Not only was the campaign a huge success for the client, but it has also been shortlisted in the 2020 European Content Awards.

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