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Cookson Adventures

Cookson Adventures: Venture beyond the extraordinary

Salvaging sunken wine. Heli-skiing through the Arctic.
Immersing yourself in the world’s most remote tribes.






Web Design

It’s safe to say that Cookson Adventures really do offer trips like no other.

So when they came to us as ‘Henry Cookson Adventures’, looking for a brand refresh and new website, we have no shame in saying we all got a little bit excited…  


With a desire to differentiate themselves, Henry Cookson Adventures came to us looking for a brand refresh, along with a brand new website to go with. The aim was to move the brand away from their perception of ‘that English company in the UK’ into the more ownable territory of ‘a global luxury brand for explorers’.


For us, this was all about highlighting what Cookson do best – providing unique, one-of-a-kind memories that push the boundaries of adventure and luxury.

We wanted to bring these values to life in the clearest possible way, so an approach of ‘less is more’ was adopted. Whether it was copy, design, UX or photography, the approach underpinned everything throughout the refresh, creating a clear, clean and elegant look and feel for the brand.

Logo – A clean, sleek and sophisticated use of the brand’s initials. Contrast to thin strokes offer elegance whilst the serifs anchor the logo with a sense of trust and heritage.

Website design – Refined, uncomplicated and thought-provoking. Through powerful imagery, simple layout and emotive language, we set out to create a website that was both inspiring, functional and easy to use.

Tone of voice – Simple, confident and inspirational. These values allowed copy to become more emotional, making the brand seem more human without losing any credibility.


Through our brand refresh, we were able to give Cookson Adventures a distinctive positioning within the luxury travel market. A new global stance has allowed for future-proofing, giving scope for the brand to grow into new territories (quite literally), services and offerings.

Not only do Cookson Adventures now have a brand that truly reflects them and their values, they now have a website that (through seamlessly integrating CMS and ECRM) helps prioritise leads, driving ROI, making the business more commercially viable.

That’s surely worth popping open some champagne for, right?

Don’t take our word for it…

“There are not a lot of agencies that embrace challenges the way Kitty does – with ease and excitement. From the very onset, Kitty were hungry to learn about the business and engrain themselves into our day to day working. By using this insight to inform our brand refresh and resulting website refurbishment, Kitty have been key in us delivering on commercial objectives set internally.”

Ricardo Gato, Marketing Director at Cookson Adventures