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What should you look out for when choosing a website development agency?

Authored by Max Ley
by Max Ley

Finding the right website development agency for your project can be challenging. With so many web dev agencies out there, how can you be sure that the agency you choose will meet your long term business goals?

Website development agencies will often stress their design credentials and present clients with case studies of beautifully designed websites that they see as visually superior over their competition. Whilst design credentials are obviously extremely important, you should also consider how well the back end of your site has been built, and furthermore, if it has been optimised to increase ROI from any digital marketing activity you wish to launch at a later date. Your SEO, Paid Search and other digital channel goals should not be considered as an afterthought, your website design and user experience (UX) should be intrinsically linked to ensure long term success.  

There are the four essential elements to look for when selecting a website development agency for your business:

Design & UX

A compelling design will catch the eye of, and draw your audience in. Poor design is instantly recognised by a user and will more often than not lead to them quickly leaving your site. These days, it is essential that your website is designed mobile-first with over 50% of searches now happen on mobile.


There is nothing more frustrating for a business than having a beautiful website that nobody can find! Hours and money spent on design are wasted if there is nobody to see it. Since most customers find businesses through online search, if you are not visible, you have fallen at the first hurdle. Working with a website development agency that has genuine expert knowledge of SEO can propel your business to new heights. Through page speed optimisation, keyword knowledge, security and authoritative links, an SEO Website Development agency can help you to optimise your website for SEO tactics and outrank your competitors.

Analytics & CRO

Ensuring that your website is equipped with analytics abilities, such as Google Search Console, means that you can measure how your website is performing and where you might need to make improvements to improave customer experience on your site. Through using analytic insights to implement improvements in UX, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be implemented meaning that your website will generate better results for your business.

Wider network for future Digital Marketing and improving performance

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, websites cannot be considered in a vacuum. For a website to be successful and to accelerate the growth of your business, wider digital goals and objectives must be considered from the start, to ensure that your website is fine tuned to match your business needs. You cannot separate the design and performance elements of a website and so finding a website development agency with a broad understanding and expertise in the whole digital landscape doesn’t just make sense, it’s a must! 

If you want to discuss a website project, or see how Kitty can help improve the performance of your website then please get in touch!

Authored by Max Ley

Max Ley

New Business Executive